Death touches us all

For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one. – Khalil Gibran

Over the past few days we have been fortunate to have met with some wonderful people. Their generosity, at having given up part of their day to talk with us, is overwhelming.

As well as gathering great interview material for the documentary, we – on a personal level – are learning so much. Not only that, we are being captivated by this experience. Admittedly, I had expected to have gathered information via these interviews in a somewhat sterile manner: go in and extract the necessary information with pre-prepared questions. That, however, is just not how it works.

When discussing spirits, death and the afterlife, there has to be personal involvement. I have been somewhat taken aback by how deeply the subject is affecting me.

In particular, after a meeting with a spokesperson for the Spiritualist Church I was left bewildered. Not only had I learned so much about a religion which, until previously, I had thought of very rarely, if ever, my personal life had been drawn into the discussion. I do not wish to reveal too much (as the documentary is the time and place for that!), but I will say that this journey is much more profound than I ever thought it would be.

We are not merely researchers – we are human beings.

The following day – yesterday – I was once again reminded of this fact when meeting with a psychical researcher and author. As she discussed her own personal experience of the death of a loved one and possibly receiving a message from the ‘other side’, the rawness of her emotions were visible to me. Vicariously, I felt those emotions, and as such understood a little bit more about why what we are doing has to be so much more than a sterile examination.

Death touches us all – we cannot discuss it without giving over a piece of ourselves.

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