Onwards to Romania

Unfortunately, our contact in Budapest, Hungary was unable to meet with us after unforeseen family illness. Tight as our schedule is, we had only planned to be in the city for two days. A sad turn of events, but unavoidable nonetheless. As such, we have spent the last day and a half stationary and recharging our batteries for what is to come.

Budapest is, without a doubt, a beautiful city. With our car parked at the hotel, we spent yesterday exploring on foot (a welcomed respite after what already seems like endless days in the car!). Each and every single building here seems to be adorned with decoration. For Erik especially the city stirred remembrances of his time living in Prague. Indeed, the similarities in architecture and atmosphere are palpable everywhere you look.

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Today we will be crossing yet another national border, this time into Romania. Here, we hope, our journey will truly begin!

If you haven’t read my previous post explaining this trip, you can do so here.


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