The Voyage East

As soon as we returned home at the end of last month, we hit the ground running and began planning the next leg of our documentary adventure.

Our first trip took us to the United Kingdom, where we met academics, authors, mediums, and paranormal researchers and investigators. For our second trip, we will be driving across the European continent to Romania. Along the way, we will be once again meeting with those who we hope will be ‘in the know’: paranormal researchers and practitioners. 

We will be setting off on the 3rd of August, and will not be home again until the 22nd.

Our first stop will be in Germany, to find out more about physical mediumship – a subject which not only fascinates us, but tests the limit of our ability to be open-minded. Hopefully, this meeting will bring us one step closer to forming an opinion on the matter.

Next we will be driving further east towards our eventual goal of Romania. Along the way we will be spending time in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. We hope this city will have lots of secrets and stories for us to discover. During our stay there, we will be enlisting the help of a local ghost tour operator, who we hope will not only share some of those stories with us, but also give us an insight into the general public’s beliefs in ghosts.

The bulk of our journey, however, will be spent in Romania. This ancient land should have more than its fair share of dark tales and legends. As such, we will be staying there for over a week, with several spectacular locations penned in for a visit. Not only that, we will be meeting with many uniquely intriguing personalities, who we hope will provide us with some great insights and local knowledge.

On our return back home, we will once again stop in Germany. This time we will be getting more hands on, joining yet another paranormal investigation with a local group.

Once again an adventure packed full of activity! We hope that this journey will bring us one step closer towards completing our documentary. Although we may never know the truth behind the afterlife, ghosts and spirits, this trip already has (and will no doubt continue to!) stretched the limit of our current understanding and pushed us to test and form new opinions. It is our sincere hope that you will continue to come along for the ride!

The Journey

We are back home after ten days of non-stop traveling and meet-ups across the UK. Although exhausting, those ten days have been among the best of my life.

We could not have asked to have met more generous and supportive people; people who without hesitation welcomed us into their homes and places of work in order to discuss their views and research on camera. To any who are reading this post now, thank you. We are overwhelmed by your kindness. 

In addition to conducting interviews, Erik and I were fortunate enough to shadow two experienced teams of paranormal investigators. The first at the start of the trip in Scotland, and the other at the end, in Wales. We learned so much during these experiences. However, it was the second of these two investigations which really challenged my understanding of life and death. I do not know if I can ever think of the world in the same way again.

It was entirely thanks to Paranormal Now of Wales that Erik and I were able to have this experience. Richard and Jared, the two mediums of the group, are truly talented, and revealed detailed information on matters that we were not even expecting to hear about. Our only response was to be astounded. As such, new doors have been opened to us, meaning that we now have new adventures to pursue.

Although the first round of filming is now complete, we are by no means done with our journey. We have more filming to do, more people to meet, and – above all – more questions to answer. 

Considering I went into this expecting to be dissatisfied, I am already shaken, exhilarated, and left needing more.

Death touches us all

For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one. – Khalil Gibran

Over the past few days we have been fortunate to have met with some wonderful people. Their generosity, at having given up part of their day to talk with us, is overwhelming.

As well as gathering great interview material for the documentary, we – on a personal level – are learning so much. Not only that, we are being captivated by this experience. Admittedly, I had expected to have gathered information via these interviews in a somewhat sterile manner: go in and extract the necessary information with pre-prepared questions. That, however, is just not how it works.

When discussing spirits, death and the afterlife, there has to be personal involvement. I have been somewhat taken aback by how deeply the subject is affecting me.

In particular, after a meeting with a spokesperson for the Spiritualist Church I was left bewildered. Not only had I learned so much about a religion which, until previously, I had thought of very rarely, if ever, my personal life had been drawn into the discussion. I do not wish to reveal too much (as the documentary is the time and place for that!), but I will say that this journey is much more profound than I ever thought it would be.

We are not merely researchers – we are human beings.

The following day – yesterday – I was once again reminded of this fact when meeting with a psychical researcher and author. As she discussed her own personal experience of the death of a loved one and possibly receiving a message from the ‘other side’, the rawness of her emotions were visible to me. Vicariously, I felt those emotions, and as such understood a little bit more about why what we are doing has to be so much more than a sterile examination.

Death touches us all – we cannot discuss it without giving over a piece of ourselves.

The Spirits of the Borders

On Friday we crossed the border into Scotland.

This ancient land of rugged wilderness was saturated with an otherworldly presence. As I looked out from the passenger window of the car, it was like I could see this profound atmosphere rise from the ground itself. History – the very lives of the people who have inhabited this land for centuries – seemed to permeate from the fog as it oozed across the landscape.

By the time we arrived at our location, we were anxious to begin our adventure.

We were lucky to have arranged to shadow an experienced team of paranormal investigators at a stellar location. Not on-location investigators ourselves, we were there to observe and learn. Admittedly, although excited, I was expecting to have a quiet evening.

I began by asking members of the team questions I had prepared beforehand. I wanted to know why they do what they do – their beliefs. Their passion was infectious!

After the interviews were concluded, much of the investigation centred around the use of electronic equipment, which sought to provide the spirits – if they were present – with a means to communicate. The results were surprising. It was not such a quiet evening after all…

And so it begins…

Yesterday we travelled from our home in France to the port, across the English Channel to Portsmouth, and then up the country to near Sheffield. Today, we will continue our journey north to the Scottish border, where adventure (and hopefully a ghoul or two!) awaits!

After just one day of our journey, Erik and I are already exhausted! Travelling, including seemingly endless hours of driving into the night, is certainly tiring. However, we are full of excitement for this adventure, and cannot wait to meet with all those we have scheduled to meet with.

As I begin this journey, I am filled with a mixture of emotions: anxiety, excitement and a longing to be surprised. I want to experience something which will challenge my understand of the world around me. Yet, at the same time, I am having a hard time believing that I will experience such a moment. My sceptical, cynical mind, is expecting to be disappointed: to either encounter nothing that I would classify as paranormal, or to be able to explain away anything I do.

I sincerely hope that I will be proven wrong.

What is your starting opinion? Are you of the same mind as me? Or, do you need no convincing?

Encountering so many believers, as I invariably do as The Paranormal Scholar, as well as in my conversations with members of the public, can often make me feel unreasonable in my beliefs. That being said, I cannot abandon my stance of scepticism. Whilst I have an open-mind, and always try my best to be non-judgemental of what others have to tell me about their own beliefs, I need something more than stories. I need evidence. I need to see something with my own eyes. I need to experience something inexplicable for myself. Only then will I be convinced.

So, with that, let us go in search of the dead!

Back to Blighty!

We have booked our travel tickets and arranged our hotels!

The first round of filming for In Search of the Dead has been planned and will soon be underway.

From the 15th to the 24th of June, Erik and I will be travelling the length and breadth of the British Isles to meet with people from all walks of life, believers and sceptics alike. Our schedule is packed full of great interviews and exciting adventures. We cannot wait to get started!

We will be posting updates here of our progress, including (hopefully!) behind-the-scenes photos. Undoubtedly, we are going to be very busy – as we are packing in as much as we can – but posting regular updates is important to us.

That said, speak again soon!

“In Search of the Dead” Live Stream

Yesterday Erik and I did our first live stream on The Paranormal Scholar. It was nerve-wracking and fraught with technical difficulties, but was immensely enjoyable!

During the hour long episode, we were able to discuss our current views on ghosts, spirits and the afterlife, as we enter the planning stages of our documentary project.

Topics we covered included: the difference between ghosts and spirits; cultural differences in our understanding of the afterlife; and, the possibility of capturing Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

You can watch the full episode below.

Documentary Call-To-Action

We are proud to announce that we are in the planning stages of our debut documentary, In Search of the Dead. As such, we are looking for people to be a part of our project!

The following Call-To-Action video was published on The Paranormal Scholar YouTube channel.

We are looking for people based in Europe, fulfilling any of the following criteria: 

  • A medium or clairvoyant
  • Part of a paranormal research group or a ghost hunter
  • Someone who operates publicly as a demonologist
  • A paranormal author or historian
  • A spiritual or religious minister willing to discuss the afterlife
  • A local historian with knowledge of a nearby haunted location, who could tell us its history.
  • A psychologist or parapsychologist with insight into belief in the paranormal, whether a sceptic or a believer
  • Someone who operates a ghost tour

If you would like to be a part of our project, you can get in touch using this contact form.

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