The great bump in the road

For the past couple of months we have been rather quiet regarding In Search of the Dead. Far from purposefully leaving you all in the dark, we have been navigating great stress and upset.

In early March a Windows Update forced itself onto our computer, right in the middle of our working day. We were in the process of backing our work up onto an external hard drive at the time. When the computer restarted it was immediately clear that something was not right. The computer was sluggish and slow to response. Yet, the extent of the damage was not yet apparent. After wrestling to restore it to normal speed by uninstalling the update, we realised that much more had been damaged. Our files – both on the computer and on the external hard drive – had been damaged. All our In Search of the Dead files (and strangely, nothing else) were completely inaccessible.

Since that time, technicians have been working hard to restore the files. Yesterday, we received the salvaged files. All of our raw files have been either partially or entirely damaged. Our project files are entirely gone. Our post-production work has to be restarted, using whatever remains of our footage.

However, we will still be able to make In Search of the Dead.

At times over the last few weeks we thought that everything we had been working on for the past year was lost. Figuring out how to tell you all was the hardest part. So, we are so very happy to be able to share this with you. It is still bad news, but not as bad as we were preparing ourselves for.

We cannot wait to get this project finished and present In Search of the Dead to you. It has been the most incredible and challenging venture we have ever embarked upon – far in excess of what we imagined.

Thank you all for your support and patience. We read every kind comment left on our videos and websites, and are always especially touched by those expressing enthusiasm for this project.

Gallery of screenshots: Our vision for In Search of the Dead

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16 thoughts on “The great bump in the road”

  1. How terrible! Very soul crushing, and I am inclined to say….paranormal beyond sycronistic. Like something is pushing back, must have found something very interesting indeed. Persevere, I can’t wait to see it. And keep some black tourmaline around your damn computer. Seriously.
    Thank you for your amazing work,

    1. Thanks, Sue. When something like this happens, it is hard not to look for and blame paranormal forces. We have been struggling with that, but are now so happy and relieved that all is not lost. And yes, perhaps some sort of security beyond the usual is required for our data storage!

  2. Your right it is strange that those of the documentary’s that were affected. Sorry for all the stress it’s caused you but I’m sure what we will get to will be awesome if your previous works are anything to go by. ?

    1. Thanks for your support, Antony. We cannot wait to be able to finally share it! It has been a journey for certain.

  3. Very sad to hear about your work being lost by the update. It must have been infuriating, none the less, I am still very much looking forward to ISOTD!

    1. Thanks, Mort. We will do everything we can to finish it as soon as possible. An uphill struggle, indeed, but at least there is still a struggle to be had! Hope all is well with you.

  4. Making films is alot of hard work. It’s a struggle from start to finish with many many hurdles to overcome. Especially when it’s low budget. Thank you for putting up the fight. In the end,the blood sweat & tears will pay off & amaze us all. Ciao.

    1. Thank you for your kind words of support, Gonzalo. It has certainly been a huge learning curve for us! Best wishes.

  5. I cannot even begin to imagine how hard that was for both of you! I have followed your YouTube videos and absolutely love the work you have posted. The interesting topics and the far superior quality you produce in your videos makes me so excited for this documentary. I know it will be well worth the wait. All I can say iscongratulations on sticking through the hard times and please do not feel you need to rush for your viewers, it is more important that you produce an end product that you are happy with. Good luck and hang in there!!!

    1. Thanks, Trent. It means a lot to have someone to remind us to slow down and take the necessary time. Now that this has happened especially, we want to finish the documentary as soon as we can, but it is a long process. Hopefully we don’t disappoint, and end up with something worth sharing with you. Thanks again, and best wishes.

  6. Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry to you both for the stress and upset it must have caused you. We are all disappointed for you, I’m sure, so you must have been devastated. That said, I’m very happy to hear that your work is not all let and that you can continue and produce ISOTD. I have no doubts it will be as comprehensive as your other documentaries and I’m very excited so will wait for however long I need to! Anyway, it will be a good excuse for you in the future to make a follow-up with lots more travel and interviews lol!

    1. Thanks for your constant support, Emma. We’ll be working to have it finished as soon as possible, and cannot wait to share a salvaged version of ISOTD with you! Best wishes.

  7. Hello Laura & Eric
    I am a recent subscriber to your YouTube channel and I must say I deeply appreciate your work. I enjoy the quality of the stories and your very professional approach, as well as the extraordinary warmness and emotionally soothing quality of Laura’s voice. As I do not believe in chance, coincidences or randomness – this is probably the understatement of the century -, it seems rather obvious to me that you have probably upset some ‘lutins’, i.e. the French equivalent of the Russian ‘domovoi’ of the story I just watched, or of the Irish leprechauns. I feel sincerely touched that you chose to settle down in my country, and from what you said about being close to the UK, I gather you must be living somewhere along the Channel shoreline, an area in which spirits are especially active and ghost stories numerous, be it in Bretagne, Normandie, or even further up north. As you are certainly aware of, the region is very rich in menhirs, dolmens and legends about the spirit people, elves, fairies, and so forth. The advice of putting a black tourmaline next to your computer is very sound (I do have a big one next to mine). I would suggest furthermore some ritual offerings to the ‘lutins’ living in your home. If you practice meditation, you can also try and contact them from a meditative state and ask what their grievance is. The very fact that the system update happened right at the time you were doing a backup – which the precise moment the data being transferred is most vulnerable – is very significant in my opinion. I also share the point of view of the person who suggested you should move to Mac or Linux as no system update can force itself onto your computer with these OS. I offer you all my sympathies for what just happened. I think I know how you feel; I too have lost weeks of work once in a hard drive crash. Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to watching In Search of the Dead, and it seems very appropriate you chose a photo of the Ama Dablam to illustrate this page… The name of this mountain means “the reliquary of the mother” and the Sherpas consider it as their protective goddess… One more so called “coincidence”! Thank you for your work and all the best to you both!

    1. Thank you for all of your kind words and sage advice. All is sincerely appreciated. We must apologise for the delay in replying to your comment (as it sat in the “pending” section unseen for some time). Wishing you and yours the very best!

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