The Journey

We are back home after ten days of non-stop traveling and meet-ups across the UK. Although exhausting, those ten days have been among the best of my life.

We could not have asked to have met more generous and supportive people; people who without hesitation welcomed us into their homes and places of work in order to discuss their views and research on camera. To any who are reading this post now, thank you. We are overwhelmed by your kindness. 

In addition to conducting interviews, Erik and I were fortunate enough to shadow two experienced teams of paranormal investigators. The first at the start of the trip in Scotland, and the other at the end, in Wales. We learned so much during these experiences. However, it was the second of these two investigations which really challenged my understanding of life and death. I do not know if I can ever think of the world in the same way again.

It was entirely thanks to Paranormal Now of Wales that Erik and I were able to have this experience. Richard and Jared, the two mediums of the group, are truly talented, and revealed detailed information on matters that we were not even expecting to hear about. Our only response was to be astounded. As such, new doors have been opened to us, meaning that we now have new adventures to pursue.

Although the first round of filming is now complete, we are by no means done with our journey. We have more filming to do, more people to meet, and – above all – more questions to answer. 

Considering I went into this expecting to be dissatisfied, I am already shaken, exhilarated, and left needing more.

5 thoughts on “The Journey”

  1. Wow what you experienced sounds amazing and exciting. Can’t wait for this documentary ? even more so now! Glad you both back safe.

  2. This is what people don’t realise about the Paranormal, it is not something strange, it is something we have forgotten about ourselves, 🙂 which makes the process of remembering and exploring so much more exhilarating, and exhausting.

    It was an absolute pleasure to meet with you guys, and thank you for the glowing feedback 🙂 It is nice to know that our work can still challenge others views of reality,

    Remember to have fun on your journey, don’t take it too seriously and remember that all questions have answers, but all answers form new questions

    All the best to you both.

    Take care

    Paranormal Now.

  3. Being a medium and past life facilitator, I think it is a great thing to offer another look at the subject of the paranormal through your film-to-be. One of the greatest compliments given me was someone saying I had cured them of their fear of death. How comforting is that? She well knows she will live on in another reality. Isn’t this one of the greatest fears of all mankind? I am sorry for the aetheists for the fear they must experience thinking they just become part of the landscape eventually. Just your body, not the YOU that’s inside of it. That YOU is eternal.

  4. As a medium and past life regression facilitator I am glad you are focusing on the afterlife and getting people to think. One of the greatest compliments I have received was from someone who said I had taken away their fear of death. Isn’t that the fear of all mankind? I pity the aetheist that thinks they simply become part of the landscape. Just your body, not the YOU that’s inside of it, animating it, and lives on eternally in other realities. There is far more to reality than meets the eye!

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