The Scholar and the Physical Medium

After experiencing our first German-style hotel breakfast (at which sparkling wine and chicken nuggets were served alongside each other!), I thought I would share an update on our trip.

On Friday we arrived in Germany, speeding along their famous autobahn towards our first destination – a town in the region of Hesse. Yesterday, Saturday, we met with Germany’s premier physical medium, Kai Muegge. This was a first for us, having only really learned of physical mediums as rare paranormal practitioners who lived their lives behind the heavy curtain of the 20th century. Luckily for us, Kai and his wife, Julia, welcomed us into their home, and openly explained physical mediumship and its different facets.

When we started this journey, we knew very little (if anything at all!) about physical mediumship. By far, mental mediumship is the more common and well-known form of mediumistic ability. However, as we have met with various people, we have unintentionally bumped into the physical form more than we had expected. In the end, one of our previous interviewees directed us towards Kai, suggesting that he was The Person to speak to in regards to physical mediumship in the modern day. Certainly, his séance group, the Felix Circle, is said to be the only practising  group which allows observation by outsiders, including academics.

During the interview, we learned some very interesting things. As usual, we were left with more questions than answers!

Séance room phenomena is something which we are still yet to experience for ourselves. Indeed, one cannot force oneself into these things: relationships need to be cultivated and trust built. With this in mind, we very much hope that our meeting with Kai will be the first of many, through which we can begin to understand this bizarre, yet fascinating, facet of the so-called paranormal.

One dilemma which we are faced with, however, is how to use all of the footage which we have thus far collected over the course of the past few months. Our intention is for In Search of the Dead to be around two hours long. We already have well in excess of this. Inexperienced as we currently are in post-production editing of a documentary of this nature, it breaks our hearts to think of all the footage which will invariably be left out. Physical mediumship alone demands such a large proportion of time dedicated to its understanding and exploration. Yet, it is not the only subject we are dealing with in our documentary. As such, we are already contemplating making a follow-up documentary of sorts on physical mediumship. Your thoughts on this matter would be appreciated!

Until next time!

4 thoughts on “The Scholar and the Physical Medium”

  1. You guys should definitely have a follow-up to the documentary. In most of these things it’s almost certain that you will a lot more to show, explain, and cast into the video. I am really existed for this documentary. Hope you’re journey is going well and best wishes to you guys.

  2. Hey guys. I think it’s a great idea to have a follow up documentary on physical mediumship. Maybe you should do a in search of the dead mini series as it would be a shame not to use footage you have both worked hard for. Just a thought.

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