The Spirits of the Borders

On Friday we crossed the border into Scotland.

This ancient land of rugged wilderness was saturated with an otherworldly presence. As I looked out from the passenger window of the car, it was like I could see this profound atmosphere rise from the ground itself. History – the very lives of the people who have inhabited this land for centuries – seemed to permeate from the fog as it oozed across the landscape.

By the time we arrived at our location, we were anxious to begin our adventure.

We were lucky to have arranged to shadow an experienced team of paranormal investigators at a stellar location. Not on-location investigators ourselves, we were there to observe and learn. Admittedly, although excited, I was expecting to have a quiet evening.

I began by asking members of the team questions I had prepared beforehand. I wanted to know why they do what they do – their beliefs. Their passion was infectious!

After the interviews were concluded, much of the investigation centred around the use of electronic equipment, which sought to provide the spirits – if they were present – with a means to communicate. The results were surprising. It was not such a quiet evening after all…

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  1. Following your incredible journey. Love your documentaries and the hard work you guys put into the productions. Eager to see what happens next.

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