The Voyage East

As soon as we returned home at the end of last month, we hit the ground running and began planning the next leg of our documentary adventure.

Our first trip took us to the United Kingdom, where we met academics, authors, mediums, and paranormal researchers and investigators. For our second trip, we will be driving across the European continent to Romania. Along the way, we will be once again meeting with those who we hope will be ‘in the know’: paranormal researchers and practitioners. 

We will be setting off on the 3rd of August, and will not be home again until the 22nd.

Our first stop will be in Germany, to find out more about physical mediumship – a subject which not only fascinates us, but tests the limit of our ability to be open-minded. Hopefully, this meeting will bring us one step closer to forming an opinion on the matter.

Next we will be driving further east towards our eventual goal of Romania. Along the way we will be spending time in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. We hope this city will have lots of secrets and stories for us to discover. During our stay there, we will be enlisting the help of a local ghost tour operator, who we hope will not only share some of those stories with us, but also give us an insight into the general public’s beliefs in ghosts.

The bulk of our journey, however, will be spent in Romania. This ancient land should have more than its fair share of dark tales and legends. As such, we will be staying there for over a week, with several spectacular locations penned in for a visit. Not only that, we will be meeting with many uniquely intriguing personalities, who we hope will provide us with some great insights and local knowledge.

On our return back home, we will once again stop in Germany. This time we will be getting more hands on, joining yet another paranormal investigation with a local group.

Once again an adventure packed full of activity! We hope that this journey will bring us one step closer towards completing our documentary. Although we may never know the truth behind the afterlife, ghosts and spirits, this trip already has (and will no doubt continue to!) stretched the limit of our current understanding and pushed us to test and form new opinions. It is our sincere hope that you will continue to come along for the ride!

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  1. Hi Guys
    Really excited for you both on this next step or your travels. I’ve actually been to Romania and I know you’ll love the place. I’ve been to Bran castle there which was awesome if you get chance to go there. Lots of history round there and stories regarding Vlad the impaler ( Dracula ). And the castle itself is meant to be haunted. Hope you enjoy yourselves even though you’ll be working.

    1. Thank you, Antony! We cannot wait to share our results with you!

      We hope you are right! We are hoping that Romania has a lot in store for us. Whatever happens, no doubt we will experience and record so much more than will be possible to show in a documentary. We hope that we can use this site and smaller, snippet videos on YouTube to share the inevitable ‘leftover’ material.

      Only a few days now… very excited!

      Best wishes.

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